Let's Re-Build Together.  

In April, hundreds of volunteers came together to rebuild and revitalize our community and kick off the 2016 Rebuilding season. Currently, Rebuilding Together teams are working across the community to help complete critical repairs but our work is not done yet. Your volunteer contributions and financial support are essential in helping achieve our mission of safe and healthy housing for senior citizens, military veterans and young children in our community.


Your contribution will help us complete the 1,000th Rebuilding Together home repair this fall!



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Rebuilding Together Aurora is a safe and healthy housing organization that provides homeowners in need in Aurora, Illinois with FREE critical home repair, home safety modifications, and energy efficiency upgrades. Rebuilding Together Aurora's work helps to preserve homes and rebuild communities by arming volunteers with hammers, paint brushes, and dedication to service. Our volunteers are committed to making a difference in the neighborhoods they live and work in by helping those less fortunate to improve their living conditions and their lives. Our work extends beyond the four walls of a home to impact the health and vibrancy of our community.