Let's Re-Build Together.  

Community Block Build

Take a look at how you can get involved in the 2016 Community Block Build

We invite groups and individuals to join us during the 2016 Community Block Build on the east side of Aurora to take a hands-on approach in creating a meaningful and lasting impact in the health and vitality of our community. It's  a major rebuilding blitz culminating on National Rebuilding Day on Friday and Saturday, April 29 & 30, 2016.



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Rebuilding Together Aurora is a safe and healthy housing organization that provides homeowners in need in Aurora, Illinois with FREE critical home repair, home safety modifications, and energy efficiency upgrades. Rebuilding Together Aurora's work helps to preserve homes and rebuild communities by arming volunteers with hammers, paint brushes, and dedication to service. Our volunteers are committed to making a difference in the neighborhoods they live and work in by helping those less fortunate to improve their living conditions and their lives. Our work extends beyond the four walls of a home to impact the health and vibrancy of our community.