Community Project Application

Organization Overview

Rebuilding Together Aurora (RTA) is a safe and healthy housing organization. Our mission is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners. Rebuilding Together Aurora wants to ensure that there is a safe and healthy home for every person.   RTA provides these services at no cost to qualified homeowners.

Scope of Work

Rebuilding Together Aurora utilizes volunteers for projects throughout the year.  For community projects, Rebuilding Together Aurora can provide the opportunity for small groups to large groups to complete projects at community centers, schools, community gardens, and other non for profit facilities. Community projects are typically minor repair (painting, planting shrubs) that a general volunteer can complete.

Course of Action

• Create a list detailing potential projects

• Prioritize potential projects

• Complete Community Project Application and return it to Rebuilding Together

Assumptions and Agreements of participating Agency

-Be available to discuss projects with Rebuilding Together staff and volunteer group/sponsor prior to Rebuilding Day
-Make additional funding and/or in-kind donations available
-Participate in planning meetings
-Prepare agency for the project day by moving supplies, equipment and/or furniture away from the worksite
-Recruit residents, volunteers, staff and board members to assist on Rebuilding Day
-Be sure to have at least one staff members present on Rebuilding Day
-Help organize and execute completion of some of the projects if feasible
-Assist RTA in volunteer recognition

Required Proposal Format

To apply, fill out the following application completely and submit. Send required documentation to

 Date and Basis for Award

Applications can be submitted year round and will be kept on file for one year.  Community projects are completed when there is funding available for the project.  It is not guaranteed that we will have funding available for every project that is submitted to RTA.  Once the review process is complete, a staff member at RTA will contact the community agency with further information.

Name of organization *
Name of organization
Organization's Address *
Organization's Address
Organization's Phone # *
Organization's Phone #
Site Address (if different)
Site Address (if different)
Site Contact
Site Contact
Site contact's Phone Number
Site contact's Phone Number
Total number of people served by this facility annually?
*Veterans *Children under 18 *Seniors above 62 *Individuals with Disabilities
Please list the percentage of people who are served. *African American/Black *Asian *American Indian/Alaskan native *Pacific Islander * White/Caucasian *Hispanic * *Latinos
The type of repairs to be considered.
Remember that the items listed below will be considered for repair, but the final decision on what work can be done with our time and financial resources will be made at the discretion of RTA.
What are the three most important repairs needed?
If, leased what is the length of the lease?
Lessor's Name
Lessor's Phone #
Will repairs done by Rebuilding Together impact the lease?
Agency Agreement *
I/we certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge. I/we realize that failure to provide all the requested information could result in our application being invalid. I/we authorize Rebuilding Together Aurora to check any references necessary to complete the processing of this application for the purpose of receiving facility repairs or renovations through RTA programs. I/we also understand that any information I/we provided will be kept confidential and will be used strictly for determining my/our eligibility for this program. I/we understand that Rebuilding Together Aurora’s work is primarily done by volunteers (skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled) who may not be able to complete all the repairs desired. I/we further understand that to be considered for Rebuilding Together Aurora programs, non-profits must complete this application, have staff present at the time of the site inspection, and have staff present on the day of the Rebuilding project.